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We have a passion for chestnuts.


We are Don, Chris, and Kara, three chestnut enthusiasts who are eager to reunite them with the American public. As loyal, diligent, resourceful problem solvers, we are constantly pushing to improve and actively seek the most innovative and earth friendly solutions as a standard for operation. We care deeply for our team, our orchards, our vendors, our products, our customers, the environment, and all with whom we interact. We are ambitious. We believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing and will work unwaveringly to reach our goals — to produce the best tasting chestnuts and chestnut derived products while also taking care of Mother Earth.



Meet Taylor
and Daisy...

Those loving yellow dogs after which we take our name. As we embarked on our journey to make a business selling chestnuts, we thought of what was most important to us all: our families and our dogs. So that's who we're doing this for, both our families and yours, and what better way to highlight that than to introduce ourselves with the loving name of the yellow lab? In honor of our namesake, we promise to be as dependable, attentive, and full of care as our incredible pups.

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What we do


We manage, harvest, process, and market North Carolina-grown chestnuts through self owned and managed orchards. Currently, we own or manage three orchards located in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (The Triangle) and Greensboro-Winston-Salem-Highpoint (The Triad) areas.


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Historically, chestnuts were once an active part of the diet for many in the Eastern US and provided an important food source for wildlife ecosystems as well as domestic animals. At YDO, we are passionate about bringing back the best locally grown chestnuts as well as other chestnut derived products to consumers.